Mission & Outreach

Mission is a vital part of our church.  We believe that God has given us a way to help the world through mission work by spreading His word and more importantly, His love.  Our first international mission trip took place in 2009 when our college group went to South Korea and the Philippines.  They were able to spiritually grow with a church in Asan, a small city south of Seoul, and later helped build up a library, visited a home for abused children, and taught workshops at the local church in Cabanatuan, Philippines.  The following mission outreach in 2011 was again made by a smaller group of our college members to London, UK.  Teaming up with the global mission organization, Operation Mobilization, they were able to witness and help Muslims located in the lower London area.  In the following year, 2012, two mission trips occurred:  one again in the Philippines in February by a team of medical staff and the other by the Chancel Choir who witnessed in song all around Europe.  Our latest mission trip was another outreach in the Philippines in 2013.  So far missions have been an amazing part of our journey as a church, reaching out and learning more about God’s children all around the world as we share the Gospel.