Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism shares faith with others, particularly those who are unchurched or disconnected, and invites them to follow Jesus Christ as Christian Disciples.  We believe disciple making begins with invitation and welcoming, and continues through a process relating people to God, and equipping and sending them in ministry.  At Faith UMC, there is a process to help a person to visit our church, made to feel welcome when they do, and then to nurture them to assimilate into the life and ministry of the church.  If the unchurched and disconnected won’t come to us, then the Evangelism team must work with the Mission team to go to them.

It is crucial that we establish our motives for evangelism before formulating our methods.  We need more than just good ideas or wishes to perpetuate the existence of Christ’s church.

Our motives need to come from one or more of the following:

  • Obedience to Christ’s command to tell all people the message,
  • Our love for Christ and a wish that others come to know him too, a desire to see society changed for the better, according to God’s righteous standards, and we have Good News to share and we cannot keep it to ourselves because of our excitement.

The Evangelism Team is also responsible for developing processes that let the community know that Faith UMC exists to serve their spiritual needs, follow-up with our other in-house organizations to help our congregation get involved personally in going out and ministering in the community, being responsible for assuring our Welcoming Team process is functioning properly, being responsible for recording worship attendance, following up on members not attending worship regularly and regular attendees who have been absent for three consecutive weeks, creating and maintaining brochures that describe each organization in our congregation, working with the Christian Education team to help create focused share groups among our congregation members, and establishing measurement criteria to determine if our efforts of evangelism are working.

If you are looking for more opportunities to witness for Jesus, this is the group for you.