Music Ministry

The United Methodist denomination has a long-standing history of worship through music. Rich with a musical and arts-centered history, a culture of song and music has emerged as an essential component of the worship service. The church, having been immersed in song throughout history, has committed itself to the fundamental principle that music is an extension of the spoken and written word. As founder of the United Methodist Church, Charles Wesley dedicated his life to leaving a lasting legacy that influenced God’s people with messages largely entrenched in music-related theology.

Today, the Music Ministry of Faith United Methodist Church, Richardson continues this commitment to the spiritual influence music has in the life of our congregation. We are steadfast in the belief that the arts are a vehicle that compliments and assists in the extensive, intensive, and evolving development of a Christian way of life. Our ministry seeks to provide the opportunity for God’s children to share in the presence and power of serving, loving, and worshiping God through music.

Each ensemble of the music ministry seeks unequivocal excellence in music in an effort to both enhance the worship experience of congregants, and grow individually and personally as faithful Christian leaders. Our ministry is devoted to the cultivation of the art of sacred music in the lives of its members and to the community of faith it serves. We seek to continuously grow, through music, our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through music, we affirm our commitment to the mission of Faith United Methodist Church, Richardson to “nurturing people in Christian fellowship to become disciples of Jesus Christ.”